KiVa in Aotearoa New Zealand

KiVa was introduced to New Zealand in 2014 and is now active in more than 50 schools across the country, supporting students from Years 2 – 10 to proactively manage bullying.

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KiVa and the New Zealand Curriculum

KiVa makes a significant contribution to the well-being of students beyond the classroom

KiVa’s teaching and learning programme has a focus on the development of young people becoming confident and resilient participants in a range of life contexts, with an emphasis on self-management, inclusion, respect and empathy.

Concepts such as hauora, attitudes and values and socio-ecological perspectives are woven throughout the programme. Engaging in the activities enables students to learn the skills to promote personal, interpersonal, and societal well-being.

KiVa receives annual feedback from each of its students and therefore offers teachers an opportunity to use this to inform their teaching as inquiry focus. KiVa also provides collaborative strategies that promote changes and development in teaching practices, for example the use of role play and student involvement in decision-making.