What is KiVa?

KiVa – Let’s do it together! He wake eke noa!

What is KiVa?

KiVa is an evidence-based bullying prevention programme that has been developed by the University of Turku, Finland. The effectiveness of KiVa has been proven through randomized control trials, together with a range of different studies. KiVa is being used around the world in over 18 different countries.

How does KiVa work?

The goal of KiVa is to prevent bullying and to teach how to manage cases of bullying effectively. The programme has been developed from decades of extensive research into bullying and is based on three main elements: prevention, intervention and monitoring.

The essential elements of KiVa – Prevention, Intervention, and Monitoring

Prevention – to keep bullying from happening

The preventive actions focus on all students learning how to prevent bullying. Student lessons and online games are  examples of these kind of actions and form the foundation of KiVa.

Intervention – Tools to tackle bullying

The interventions in KiVa are targeted specifically at students who have been involved in bullying. The goal is to provide schools and students with solution-focused tools used to put an end to bullying.

Annual monitoring

KiVa offers tools to monitor the situation in the schools through an annual online survey for students. This feedback provides schools with information on how to improve their bullying prevention work.